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Betsson donates to Floriana FC Nursery

Betsson naturally receives many sponsorship requests but due to lack of business value in advertising in Malta and the fact that we actively aim to avoid using minors for advertising purposes or advertise in their environment, there are few opportunities for us to sponsor and we have to be selective.

Therefore we only contribute very small donations to cases that are supported by a recognised legal structure  and show a dedication to their cause and where our donation will be used in a manner that helps otherwise disadvantaged children participate in sports.

The main reason for supporting the Floriana FC Nursery is their long term commitment and focus on the nursery and the uptake of many children from Valletta/Floriana, to whom the nursery provides a safe and healthy leisure environment which also fosters discipline and team spirit. The Nursery organizes a very popular Christmas tournament to which all other football nurseries are invited to take part. This gives children a much needed release of energy during the Christmas School holidays.