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ECPAT was formed in 1990, when a group of children’s rights representatives in Thailand found that commercial sexual exploitation of children was not limited to a few individual cases, but a fast growing industry of child sex trade. In August 1996 ECPAT created the first World Congress against commercial exploitation of children and hasn't looked back since. Betsson has supported the work of ECPAT since 2008 and intends to continue its support in the indefinite future. Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 22.03.48

ECPAT Sweden is part of ECPAT International, whose network stretches over 84 countries. ECPAT Sweden is a non-profit association which works to prevent and stop all forms of child sex trade such as child pornography, trafficking and child sex tourism.

Their work is based on policies and behavioral codes towards the business world, public authorities and organizations. The goal is to make more operators in the community counteract child sex trade in Sweden and abroad. Thousands of tourists, business people and others travel abroad every year. Some of them exploit children sexually. Commercial sexual exploitation of children exists in Sweden as well as abroad. ECPAT is working on stopping this.

ECPAT does not do charity work, but takes the liberty to give children a voice by trying to influence politicians, decision makers and other influential people. The intention is to achieve legal changes, re-distribution of resources, the awareness and commitment of authorities to abolish child sex trade. Every year ECPAT Sweden gives many lectures concerning child sex trade to different target audiences.

ECPAT has, among other things, initiated blocking of commercial child pornographic Internet sites. The goal is to make such criminal activity unprofitable. The blocking was introduced in cooperation with a lot of different stakeholders, such as the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Bureau and all the major Internet service providers. Today the Internet service providers are blocking 20 000-30 000 attempts daily to enter these sites. ECPAT Sweden has succeeded in all the major Swedish leisure travel companies in Sweden agreeing to a behavioral code for travel agencies against child sex trade. This includes obligations to report suspected child sex trade, obligations for the travel companies to educate their staff and obligations for the partner hotels to adhere to ECPAT guidelines.

Here is a link to this year’s ECPAT agenda, this is how they intend to improve the world this year.