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The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) – Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen

This is Betsson’s  major and most long standing Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) project where by Betsson have been gold sponsors since 2006 and in addition to this we are buying carbon offsets in order to make up for some of our carbon footprint caused by mainly air travel.

The SSNC are working in a wide variety of areas such as oceans & fisheries, agriculture & food, climate, energy & transport, contaminants, forest & conservation. Their work is aimed at creating awareness to help consumers realize that they can impact nature conservation by making good consumer choices, by creating political pressure in order to influence decision making in areas concerning nature conservation. The SSNC supplies schools with educational material in this regard and delivers campaigns aimed at the general public to spread awareness and general knowledge about the subject.

The impact of localized and regional nature conservation is deemed to have a global effect.

Betsson’s commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment is further reflected in our environmental policy which promotes the use of video conferencing and other new communication technologies instead of air travel among other things.