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Parking problems in discussed with Ta’ Xbiex Major

Max Zammit, the newly elected Mayor of Ta Xbiex Local Council was invited by Betsson Group CEO (Malta) Ulrik Bengtsson to visit one of the two Betsson offices operating in the locality. Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 18.56.56 With over 500 employees working from this location the issue of parking restrictions was a main topic of discussion. Concerns regarding lack of daytime parking options and the amount of parking tickets being handed out on a daily basis were discussed.

Although the Mayor is well aware of the problem, he stated that his priority concern is for the apparently large number of elderly residents living in the area and that they are able to leave their homes, return and find parking with ease. Standing outside the office at street level, it was pointed out that many parking spaces with 90 minute return signs were in fact empty most of the day and significantly so in the evenings and weekends, when the offices were not in operation.

This undoubtedly proves that the only people being put out are in fact the people working office hours in the area. It was suggested that perhaps a few more signs could be removed to accommodate this desperate state of affairs or ideally the timings of resident parking are changed to the evenings when residents are in fact at home. The fact that one way streets are constantly ignored with no warden in sight was also revealed.

No immediate parking solution seems to be forthcoming for the near future, although Mr. Zammit said that he was looking into the situation including the idea of utilizing privately owned, unused land in the area as potential car parks.