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Floods in Manila

You may have already heard, but the last few days have been very difficult for Manila. It's been a tough few days in Manila for a number of reasons. Our teams are torn between the flood waters and their knowledge that they are needed back at work.

BBC News - Floods in Manila

BBC News - Floods in Manila

Much of the City has been flooded, some areas quite severely. Around 80% of our workforce could not get to the office.  Our staff either has flooding in the immediate areas or cannot get to the office due to flooding along the routes.  This week's deluge, brought by a monsoon and a tropical storm, saw a storm bring extremely heavy rain over a period of 24 hours, submerging half the city and shutting it down for two days. About a million people were affected.

Grace and Betsson Manila have extended housing assistance as needed to those who can’t get home after coming to work. In the past, we have had flooding in peoples homes, up to 3 meters high.

Most staff members are safe, a few have chosen to stay in Makati, to be cautious. I am sure we will learn more over the next few days, and we will accommodate any special requirements.

We are proud of our team, they are fighters, and even with this storm they want to push through and succeed. Everyone at Betsson is with you at this difficult time. We hope things get better soon.