Latest News Migration to Mobile

The Betsson Group has experienced significant growth in recent years thanks to its multi-brand strategy. A core element of this strategy is the development and launch of a single platform (Techsson) across all its brands, (when brands are ready).  This has enabled synergies in the development and maintenance of our core gaming functionality.  In June 2013 the “mother brand” migrated to Techsson, joining Betsafe and other major brands within the Group.

Group-wide mobile revenue development as % of total (SEK) revenue

Group-wide mobile revenue development as % of total (SEK) revenue

The migration cements the groups’ strategy to have a single back-end platform and adds immediate client benefits such as Seamless wallet and accessibility to brand new Mobile products at our clients’ fingertips. Herein lies also the potential to cross-sell our products in unprecedented ways. By studying and predicting trends we can grow our sales, tapping into the behaviours of our existing clients. The launch of a brand new mobile interface for our customers is significant, not only for the improved experience but also because this allows customers to play casino on their mobile for the first time.

In Q1 2013, before the launch of the new mobile experience for, total bet amount via mobile for Betsson group was 397.3 mkr. The migration of to the Techsson platform has exposed a tremendous customer need for the refreshed mobile experience that are now able to deliver. This should enable to see healthy growth in their mobile revenues in the near future.

Worldwide mobile activity growth is an undeniable phenomenon that already sits in the very core of future technology development. The distinction between old school online and mobile technologies has already been largely erased and although we are very clear about the differences between the two platforms, as a provider, it is important that the transfer is effortless and exciting to the end user. We already know that major platforms like Facebook have already migrated to “mobile first” as use through mobile browsers and smart phone apps keeps rising daily.

Make no mistake also Betsson is putting mobile first, and although we might be slightly behind the curve right now, compared to our major competitors, we will catch up quickly. We are doing this by being customer centric, and we will innovate where it is important to our customers. One example of this is that our native version (app) of the mobile experience is also already on its way, improving the experience for IPhone users even further and through that enabling continued growth of mobile revenues.