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Our Ambassadors – A series of posts about our Brand ambassadors – Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson is a world famous free skier. He started his career as a ski racer  at a very young age, changing direction at 16 only to return with Olympic dreams at age 24 as a Freestyle and Ski Racer. He is one of the most decorated X-games athletes and a true legend in his genre.

Jon Olsson - Betsafe Ambassador

Jon Olsson - Betsafe Ambassador

Today Jon Olsson organises and hosts big events such as the Big Air event and Jon Olsson Super Sessions (a freeskiing film contest held in Are, Sweden).

As one of the youngest ambassadors of Betsafe, he promotes the brand across a number of events including Jon Olsson Invitational Highest Air Event, Betsafe Alpine Challenge and Gumball. Jon is also one of the Betsafe drivers for Gumball, driving his self-designed and of course Betsafe branded, car called Rebellion R2K.

Like Jon Olsson? You will soon be able to spot him in Betsafe product commercials, Christmas Calendar and much more. In the meantime you can follow his video blog at