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Our Ambassadors – A series of posts about our Brand ambassadors – John Arne Riise

John Arne Riise is a world famous footballer that started his career back home in Norway moving abroad in 1998. A former Ligue 1 Champion with Monaco, and Champions League winner with Liverpool he now plays for Fulham in the Premier League. John Arne Riise Footballer

As the holder of the record for most caps in Norway – a stunning 110!, John makes a great ambassador for He has recently been in the media due to the recent sponsoring of his wedding. This has made it to one of Norway’s top talk shows on national TV as a comedy sketch. If you missed our post about this check out the sketch here

During 2013 John’s VIP box will be available to Betsson for the Fulham vs Manchester game in November and Tottenham Hostspurs in December. This means that more than 20 Betsonites will get the opportunity to hook up with this Betsson ambassador in London this year!