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Ulrik Bengtsson meets Minister of Education and Employment Mr.Evarist Bartolo

Mr. Evarist Bartolo recently requested a meeting with Mr.Ulrik Bengtsson to discuss educational and career opportunities for the Maltese within the local iGaming industry. Mr. Bengtsson, Betsson CEO, is at the helm of the largest igaming employer in Malta and is in a position to advise government on policies and improvements required both from an educational and an employment perspective, in order to make local university and college graduates more attractive to Malta's largest employers.

On-the-job training makes sure students develop the right skills

Mr.Bengtsson said he would like to see students perform internships or placements during their education, opportunities to learn on the job and apply what they learn in class are extremely important. It can also help them focus their interests towards a particular position or set of skills and encourage employers to keep them on after graduation.

Betsson brings a lot of talent to the island from abroad, resulting in increased learning opportunities and development for local talent. HR goes to great lengths to employ the best in the business and in many cases relocating them to Malta. The Maltese Government can support this to help industry growth by improving employment laws locally and bringing them in line with Laws in other European countries like Sweden. Mr Bengtsson said he would like to see changes in this regard.

Mr.Bartolo was very receptive and whilst acknowledging the problems discussed, said he would be starting discussions following a formal proposal to start making the improvements required.

The local workforce needs to step up to international standards if we are to make maximum use of local opportunities. This will also leverage Malta as a place to invest in and is likely to reflect in a positive impact on FDI.