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Betsson supports ECPAT in the fight against child exploitation

On Friday 24th October, a representative for ECPAT visited the Stockholm office and gave an overview of the work of ECPAT during the Friday afternoon “get together”.


ECPAT Visit to Betsson Offices in Stockholm

Betsson has proudly supported ECPAT since 2008. ECPAT was formed in 1990, when a group of children’s rights representatives in Thailand found that commercial sexual exploitation of children was not limited to a few individual cases, but a fast growing industry extending into child sex trade.

ECPAT Sweden is part of ECPAT International, whose network stretches over 84 countries. ECPAT Sweden is a non-profit association which works to prevent and stop all forms of child exploitation such as child pornography, trafficking and child sex tourism.

The main target is to achieve changes in legislation, re-distribution of resources, the awareness and commitment from the Corporate world and the authorities in order to fight the child sex trade. ECPAT has, among other things, initiated blocking of commercial child pornographic Internet sites.  By blocking these websites, in cooperation with the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Bureau and all the major Internet service providers, ECPAT help make such criminal activity unprofitable.

Today the Internet service providers are blocking 20 to 30 thousand attempts to enter these sites, daily. ECPAT Sweden has also succeeded in getting all the major Swedish leisure travel companies to agree to a behavioral code for travel agencies to help spot criminal activity against children.

Our colleagues in Stockholm found the ECPAT presentation very interesting and moving. It is an important cause which everyone appreciates and we’re all proud that Betsson supports ECPAT and their hard work.