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Ulrik Bengtsson joins the MIGS iGaming Seminar Speakers’ Panel

Ulrik Bengtsson, CEO of the Betsson Group, joined the discussion panel on the final day of the fifth edition of the iGaming Seminar. Ulrik Bengtsson was joined on the panel by Vladimiro Commodini (Director of RSM Malta), Bruce Elliott (Managing Director of Boston ventures), Keving Buttigieg (CEO of Remax Malta), David Cutajar (CEO of People & Co). Being the last discussion before the evening event, the discussion started off quite lightly. Ulrik Bengtsson was asked about the positive side of being located in Malta. Quality of life and Sunshine are the main selling points of life on the Maltese islands. Malta iGaming Seminar 2014

The discussion then moved on to true life tragic comedy; the room filled with lighthearted laughter as Ulrik Bengtsson related the story of a Betsson employee who is being asked to pay thousands of euros in car import tax due to incongruencies of processing between government departments. The funny side is he has decided to take the plunge and sue the government of Malta, so we’ll be hearing more about that from the media soon.

The panel also discussed a number of important factors within the local iGaming industry, such as the predictability of the legislative environment provided by the LGA, which makes it a good environment for iGaming companies to be and expand. The tax incentives of course help too.

However as Ulrik Bengtsson pointed out, the iGaming industry locally has developed very fast and certain areas that are requirements within the industry have not developed as quickly. These sectors are the legal milieu especially employment law and fraud laws as well as the general bureaucratic infrastructure which still needs great improvement.

Mr Ulrik Bengtsson, Betsson CEO speaking at the Malta iGaming Seminar

Mr Ulrik Bengtsson, Betsson CEO speaking at the iGaming Seminar

In  Ulrik Bengtsson’s own words the LGA is doing a good job however “The challenges are the peripherals that need to get to the same level of predictability;”. This will encourage further growth in the industry.

The MIGS iGaming Seminar ended with a warm good bye to all the people who attended especially those flew out to attend the event and those who organised it. A social evening organised for all the attendees followed shortly.