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Ballaro – Italian programme features Betsson

On the 15th Of November, the TV Crew of Ballaro, a very popular Italian TV programme visited the Betsson offices. Paola Baruffi interviewed Mr. Ulrik Bengtsson in the capacity of Betsson Group CEO about various aspects of Betsson's presence in Malta and the iGaming industry in general, as part of a programme that looks into the Maltese economy.

Here’s the Betsson snippet of the Ballaro programme. The clip starts with Paola Baruffi explaining that Malta has created an environment which benefits the gaming industry, which has not been easy to replicate elsewhere. This is how Malta has attracted around 400 iGaming companies,  this (referring to Betsson Group Malta) is one of the largest, and it is growing exponentially.

She then interviews Ulrik Bengtsson “it has become a kind of Silicon Valley od the iGaming industry, here we have obtained a license which is valid all over Europe”