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Interview with Petra Zackrisson – A Series of posts about The Betsson Team Leaders

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference” Petra Zackrisson joined the Betsson Group in August 2013 as the Director of a newly formed department called Project Execution and Business Development. The department was created to improve management of large and complex corporate projects across departments. The Project Execution and Business Development team (DPX) has an important role in Betsson. With over 15 years’ experience in management consulting and international business development. Petra is well equipped for this new position. Petra Zackrisson

When our guest speaker on Cultural Day Mr. Manuel Knight said “Execute or Evacuate” it might have sounded a bit harsh, but this department is really all about execution! Ensuring every project gets across the finish line in time, while delivering the value it is meant to deliver.

Project management requires full ownership and accountability; everything needs to be owned by someone. Time management, prioritization throughout the project (no, not everything is critical!); conflict management and, not least, execution. From project initialization to delivery and closing, all are important parts of making a project a success. But there is one thing that might be even more important and that is attitude.

Petra’s team is made up of a team of  project managers that have a full list of projects to tackle in 2014.  .

The process of working with multiple teams opens up opportunities for DPX to share project management tools and principles. This reverberates positively across the whole company by strengthening everyone’s approach to projects. A first introduction course in project management was recently held for our High Potential program in Malta.

Betsson Group has an ambitious agenda for 2014; the management team’s role is going to be important in the execution of Betsson’s  new strategy.. The teams’ role is to ensure that everyone knows and understands the strategic goals. However, this is a group effort and each employee needs to take ownership of their delivery towards the strategy, key initiatives and projects on a daily basis. Horizontal communication will be important as we move along.

Petra describes her first months at Betsson as fun and exciting. She believes Betsson’s strength lies in the diversity of its people; both with regards to experience and culture. In Petra’s own words “Our differences are our strength, now we need to execute and utilize each competence, regardless of position or department, in the very best way to achieve our goals”. The Betsson Team has an exciting year ahead!

On a final note Petra quotes Winston Churchill “Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference” and links this to Manuel Knight’s enthusiastic and resounding “If you want corn, plant corn…”

In the DPX department we plant successful project execution, what do you plant?

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