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From Apps to Riches – A Poker Story

The site development team in Malta organized a Hackathon in the beginning of November to give developers the opportunity to show off their skills and work on their own ideas. During the 24 hour activity, 6 teams fuelled by red bull, worked hard to develop ideas, build prototypes, hack code. Mario Nunes, a front-end developer for the Betsson brand, joined the challenge and created a prototype for a smart-TV app together with two colleagues. The jury loved the forward thinking project and picked them as one of the two winning teams of the competition, but Mario’s lucky strike didn’t end there. The Poker team had thrown in a special prize, a complete VIP package including a ticket to the Betsson Group’s Poker Superweekend in Tallinn, that would be raffled between the contestants who stayed awake to work for the full 24 hours of the competition. Being one out of 16 who lasted, Mario walked away as a double winner and off he went with the 300+ Poker players to play Betsson Group’s inaugural SuperWeekend. image001 Here is Mario’s side of the story…

24 hours of hard development with my team colleagues really paid off! We had a really nice idea that we are sure, will be available in everybody’s home in the near future. After being the lucky one to win the VIP package for the Tallinn Superweekend, I had the most amazing time there,
awesome partys in the best Tallinn clubs at night, insane activities during the day and a great poker tournament during the weekend.

There was not much time to rest but who needs it anyway…

We had some real fun activities with the other VIP guests, but going into the shooting range and have the opportunity to shoot an AK47, a Magnum 44 and some other big guns was definitively the experience of a lifetime!

Besides all the partying, great atmosphere and indescribable environment, I got lucky in the tournament. I survived the first day ending up with 80.000 chips after a very long long 13 hours of play.

My favorite game on the first day:

Mario from the Betsson Nrand Team

The Super weekend final day started off with 123 players at the tables with myselfin 87th position with my short stack of 80,000 chips.

It was difficult but I was there to play and the main objective was the final table and to be the last branded standing player. And there I was at 10:30pm after 7 hours of play. I hit the final table with my shortstack of 800,000 chip count.

After that it was pretty easy, I knocked out 2 players, survived the battle of the blinds for 5 hours and ended up in 5th place after a bad bet with pocket KK.

16 hours of play seemed long, on the Super Weekend Tallinn final day but I cashed out 6,600 Euros on the tournament and had a really nice partying weekend, met some lovely people and made a lot of friends.

I must say that Superweekend Tallinn was one of the most amazing times I ever had.

Thank you for the experience and see you all in the next one, next May at the SuperWeekend in Malta. Until then have fun and prepare yourself for even more fun!

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  1. It was two good moments i will always remember, Hackathon and Tallin SuperWeekend. Ty you all for the good times!

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