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Interview with Jesper Svensson – A Series of posts about The Betsson Team Leaders

Mr. Jesper Svensson joined the Betsson Group in August 2013 as Managing Director for Jesper brings vast experience from previous customer focused roles at Ladbrokes, InterCasino and Bodog across international markets. Jesper Svensson He identifies with the Betsson Vision mapped by CEO, Ulrik Bengtsson, of offering the best customer experience in the industry, and Jesper and his team are confident they can make this happen. He explains that the Strategy and “the Vision are strong and clear” the next step is to find ways of weaving this into our daily operations. Planning every step of the execution to make sure it gets meticulously delivered is key to success.

Jesper’s Team is made up of over 30 people mostly focusing on the Casino and Sports offering as this makes up most of the business. It’s important that the customer lifecycle is as seamless as possible and therefore finding smart new and traditional ways of listening to our customers takes centre stage. The data and information collected are altogether the most important element within the process of becoming the Company with the best customer experience in the industry.

The Big Data hidden in our everyday operations and websites are key to the Betsson strategy and success. By knowing more about each customer across brands, we can identify target segments and provide an improved experience based on precise customer needs and behaviors. Currently structural changes are in progress to allow better customer targeting and a deeper understanding.

The Betsson Group is in a position to use the various brands to go after the various customer segments by leveraging a multi-brand strategy.

Multiple brands give us access to important information about our customers such as how they move across brands, product seasonality and what types of bets they place. This can provide us with a very strong competitive advantage and therefore we must find ways of using this data to the full.

“Our targets are set already” says Jesper. Our core markets (Sweden, Norway and Finland) are the most natural place to start. Customer retention is going to be key to our core strategy in 2014 and the target is to be number one in our core market.

In Jesper’s words “We should be no.1 because this is our home turf.” The emphasis here is, of course, on the customer, with emphasis on customer retention becoming increasingly more important for long-term success. This will have a ripple effect on the marketing strategy and also its day-to-day management.

The groundwork is already set, has already started on this strategy and will see it come alive in 2014. It’s important to engage everyone with the new Vision – the new mindset needs to be that every employee asks himself or herself this question before embarking on any task – Is what I’m doing in line with the new Betsson Group’s vision?

This becomes a very good measuring stick to prioritize even when doing the smallest of day-to-day tasks. The Vision needs to be with us and lead us every day.

As a Team leader Jesper understands the importance of making sure that every Betssonite understand the strategy and that teams are well organized to drive it in the right direction.

“The responsibility lies with each one of us to deliver – it is still early days but these are not simply words on a piece of paper – it’s the foundation of how we operate as a business. It is a process with a clear long-term goal that sets us on the path to achieving great things ahead.”