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Player wins €2.5 Million during worst week of the year

Per from Sweden was heading into what’s traditionally knows as “the worst week of the year” when something extraordinary happened; a bet of €1.25 in the Betsson Casino led to a jackpot win of €2,560,000. Per becomes the third Betsson player in just two years from this specific region in Sweden to win a life changing jackpot at Betsson Casino. Betsson Group - Big Winner The winner was in shock and couldn´t believe his eyes when he saw a message appear on screen saying that he had won the mega jackpot.

” I couldn´t breathe and was in total disbelief. This has definitely changed life for me and my wife. Now I will retire, there is no reason to work until I´m 65 after winning this much. We are getting a new apartment to start with,” Per said after the fantastic win.

As if winning millions wasn´t enough the Swede is also about to win a trip for 2 to the Maldives in the Betsson´s “Big Winter Escape” campaign.

Last year a man from the same region won €6.5 million and in 2012 another won €3 million at Betsson Casino. Both wins are some of the biggest wins in Swedish history.

“It feels amazing to start the year by handing out another big win. In just two years more than €12 million in jackpots have gone to this region – that´s sensational. It almost makes you consider moving there!,” says, Stefan Bladh, marketing coordinator at Betsson.


What you can do with €2,560,000:

–       Bring your 450 closest friends on an exclusive vacation in the Maldives

–       Take your friends to see the Eurovision Song Contest and fill up half of the Friends Arena

–       Buy close to 4,000 new iPhones


Play the winning game at Betsson here: