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Another whopping jackpot from

“I was laying in my bed with my iPad and morning coffee, clicked stop 3 times and just screamed” Lucky Ivan from outside Eskilstuna's own words, he has become another big winner with a whopping jackpot of 340,000 Euros from "Ring the Bells". He joined precisely 13 months before his big win on the 3rd January 2012. As he wonders what to do with his win, go to New Orleans, or perhaps fly out to watch Liverpool play being a lifetime fan, he claims that

ring the bells winner from Betsson

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“Betsson always have the biggest wins” Ivan is a very happy Betsson customer, when asked if he can be mentioned by name he replies “Of course, then hopefully more people from Eskilstuna will join betsson!”

Ivan was very happy to also win the Mardi Gras trip and said he would be calling his boss at GB Glass to ask for a day off.

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