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Tips for Smart Email marketing campaigns that boost online sales

If you want to increase your online sales significantly the key lies in your mailing list. There are various ways of using your mailing list to boost sales. If you're emailing someone, chances are that you've already sold them something or managed to get their attention somehow. This in itself already increases your chances of making a sale, (especially a second sale) exponentially. Pair that with some knowledge about your customer's behaviour and bingo you could increase your repeat customer sales by a whopping 70%.

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Email Marketing can be the key to help you unlock repeat purchases

"The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% – Marketing Metrics." Big online companies like Amazon have

already been doing this for a while. Marketing automation allows companies to put the right messages in the right place on their site, based on a trigger event that defines a certain behaviour. This allows them to target potential customers when they’re most likely to buy. Here are a list of behaviours ecommerce sites use to target customers in the nick of time using email to increase their sales:

  1. Abandoned shopping cart email
    A customer that has abandoned items in a cart can be targeted through an email that reminds them about the purchase in progress ideally within 30 minutes. This is likely to help close the sale if the user had simply been distracted. Additionally a 24 hour coupon or voucher code could inject urgency into the whole scenario motivating the buyer to finish the purchase and close the sale.

  2. Confirmation and sross-selling emails
    A confirmation-upon-purchase email can be one of your most effective marketing tools. You now not only know quite a lot about your user, you also know what he/she has purchased. This puts  you in a very good position to pre-empt what this customer may be interested in. You could perhaps cross-sell a similar game or service or reward the purchase with a coupon redeemable on a similar product that provides you with a higher margin for effective cross-selling.

  3. Requesting a purchase review
    Requesting reviews and feedback from your customers is the first step to showing that you care about giving them good service. This is very important. Google loves product reviews and your prospects do too. It is also a very valuable tool to source marketing messages, by reading your own product reviews you can learn how to speak to your customers. What your existing customers appreciate most about your products is likely to help you close a sale with another one.

  4. Rewards email
    You should always reward loyalty, whether this is based on the amount of purchases or the total value of purchases, programming automated rewards will make them even more loyal. Clients need to feel that they are being rewarded for their loyalty. The level of reward should be chosen according to the value or profitability of this customer. You also need to create smart behaviours where you do not keep showing welcome bonus rewards for new customers to repeat customers, this can only put them off because other people are being rewarded and they’re not.

  5. Milestone events
    Special events like birthdays are a sure winner with email. Offering your customers a discount or a small voucher code for their birthday is a sure way of getting them to buy from your site and if that weren’t enough they’re also very likely to splash out a little because it’s their birthday after all!

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