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The Betsson Group: 2014

Mr. Ulrik Bengtsson CEO of Betsson Group Malta The 50th year at Betsson has been an epic one. We have made great improvements and reached many milestones that will mark the future of this company. The company is moving into a new era. We have restructured internally, built a lot of new capabilities as well as launched a new vision and strategy. We are now looking forward to executing it. 2013 has marked a change in gear for the Company. Our team is developing fast.  We are now over 900 employees worldwide, around 600 of which reside in the new Betsson Experience Centre in Malta. The move of the Malta teams into the new Betsson Experience Centre is a statement of intent for the future. 2014 is all about execution. We have already seen some results in terms of exciting SEO numbers, click rates and new mobile apps. The innovation and execution capacity in our company has accelerated and we can confidently look at being at the forefront when it comes to delivering a great customer experience in the future.