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Our colleagues in Kiev

Our thoughts have been with our Ukrainian colleagues in Kiev lately due to the extreme violence and protests being held on the city streets.   News reports of the current situation in Maidan Square (Independence Square) include extremely violent clashes between police and protestors, snipers, AK-47s and multiple killings as well as severe injuries. Our colleagues however inform us that while news stories show an extreme level of violence, as little as 200m away from Maidan Square the streets are safe and it’s business as usual. The biggest disruption has been the closure of the Metro. Following the escalation of violence on the evening of Feb 20th, anyone working from Kiev has been advised that:

  1. Any team member can work from home while the violence continues
  2. Anyone who wants to work from company premises can still do so. A taxi service is being provided either through the company, or a private taxi can be used if they choose to make their way to the workplace. (Most are in fact still working from the company premises)
  3. Members of the PAAS-Integration group (most important from a tech knowledge perspective) are being invited to work in Malta. This is an invite option at the moment.
  4. The plan on moving to a new facility closer to the centre of town, originally planned to happen over this coming weekend, has been delayed.
Safety is obviously our utmost preoccupation and we are maintaining constant contact with the teams. They report that although the level of violence is worse than expected, it is localised and they presume it will calm down sooner rather than later.  There should be little or no impact on critical business infrastructure (electricity, internet etc.)

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  1. People in Kiev are positive but hesitant to raise their arms in jubilation. The parliament took control on Friday evening and sent the police home – that was confirmed by eye witnesses. The parliament also has put in effect the old constitution from 2004 which seriously limits the presidents powers and gives power to the parliament, now more or less under opposition control. So we really trust and hope the violence is over. On Friday at Maidan there were fireworks for the first time.

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