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Creating the Best Customer Experience

Mr. Ulrik Bengtsson CEO of Betsson Group Malta When the famous American sales consultant Grant Cardone travelled around the US and visited Sears’ retail outlets, he got incredibly annoyed with the poor in-store customer experience. There is an example on Youtube, where he has to wait over 10 minutes to be attended to, despite the fact that he is actively looking at various things to buy.

“How are you going to buy a 125 psi 1 hpr compressor without help?”   G. Cardone. - Retail Expert / Sales Consultant
Needless to say Sears is not doing very well, sales are down and value is being destroyed. More recognized customer experience leaders such as Apple, Amazon and

Waitrose however are doing quite well. Not only because they are based on great ideas, but also because they consistently deliver what the customers want which means they consistently record some of the highest customer experience scores around.

Measured through Net Promoter Score (NPS) they deliver scores in +60 to +80 range, on a scale of -100 to +100. In fact looking at NPS and S&P 500 below, the evidence is overwhelming: Companies with positive customer experiences outperform companies with negative experiences; Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?
However, you only have to go draw from your own everyday life to realize that you daily come across poor customer experiences, such as the Sears example.

Too many companies fail to recognize what customers really need. Anyone within Betsson would testify that we are in a massive transition phase to become a truly customer centric company and we have come a long way, so long in fact that we have set out a new vision:

“To provide the best customer experience in the industry”.
Ulrik Bengtsson – CEO Betsson Malta Group

ulrik bengtsson on customer experience

It is a path with many obstacles, but the following are the pillars on which we are building our exceptional Customer Experience;

Customer Centric Culture
We want to live and breathe customer experience. We are trying to get an understanding of everything, from the customers’ intent when searching Google (or our sites), to the needs that drive preference amongst our brands.

We want to predict what our customers want to do before they know it themselves. We want to make the gaming experience as intuitive as flicking on a light. With our available data and our relations with our customers, this is within reach.

Digital Marketing We want our communication to the customer to become more relevant, the world of digital marketing is opening up enormous opportunities for us to meet customers’ expectations in a completely different way than before.

Multi-brand Model and single technological platform. Our multi-brand strategy enables us to cater for more detailed customer needs and allows customers to choose what experience they prefer. We can be very effective in delivering this, and enable a full range of functionality across our portfolio by using a single technological platform.

last but not least: Mobile First We aim to live like our customers do, Mobile connectivity is central to our lives. The same will have to go for us. A superior mobile offering, means a superior customer experience.

Consequently the way Betsson will deliver the best experience in the industry the next few years will be by:

Becoming the most customer centric company in the industry. Transforming our business by becoming a data-led best in class digital marketing company that leverages a multi-brand model and a single technological platform.