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Swede wins €89,469 on the new Betsson Classic for Mobile

gem drop big jackpot win Hampus from Stockholm had just finished work and logged onto on his mobile to try his luck at the new exclusive Betsson Classic game Gem Drop. It only took him a few spins to get to the jackpot wheels where he won the dream jackpot worth €89,469! The 25 year old Swede was still at work when he hit the Dream Chance jackpot on Gem Drop on his mobile.  He tells us it came as a shock... “I was on my way home and hadn´t even left the building when it happened… I was shocked and I couldn´t believe it was true!” Hampus is usually plays Sportsbook, and Casino from time to time but when asked about his favourite game he quickly replies “Gem Drop!” He has decided to save his money and will be looking to buy an apartment. We are happy to congratulate yet another Betsson Classic jackpot winner and wish Hampus all the best for the future. Try Your Luck at the same game... Play the winning slot – Gem Drop (link )