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Interview with Stefan Nordin – A Series of posts about The Betsson Team Leaders

Mr.Stefan Nordin joined Betsson in 2005 and has been with the Company for over 8 years. This makes Stefan one of the veterans at Betsson. He has certainly earned his stripes, Stefan was already a Betssonite when the company opened its first office in Malta and has since seen the company grow and evolve in many different ways. The recent restructuring gave Stefan the opportunity to step up to the role of CTO. Stefan Nordin - Betsson Group

Stefan’s background before joining Betsson was strongly rooted in IT; a programmer by profession (with an MSc in Engineering Physics), he started writing code in 1981 and had already founded two IT companies by 1997. Stefan’s future is now strongly intertwined with that of Betsson.

As the new CTO since August 2013, Stefan is responsible for the overall delivery of Tech products developed by the Betsson development teams and manages the relationship with internal supplier Betsson Technologies.

He talks about his job and teams very passionately, “things can get very complex though”, he says, “the teams are in different countries and intricate collaborations are a daily requirement.” The fact that the suppliers are spread globally makes project management difficult, in fact Petra Zackrisson’s management team often steps up to give the required support.

Developing a live system is a challenge, “it’s like replacing the wings of a plane while it’s flying.” Stefan says.
A lot of the development happens on the live websites and therefore it is a job that carries a lot of responsibility, since this can directly affect the customer experience, which is at the core of the new Betsson strategy. This places extra pressure on the teams to outperform themselves.

The tech team is also responsible for collecting all the data and passing it on to marketing and other departments so they can weave their strategies around it. The digital side of marketing, of course, has a key role in the strategy and therefore the tech teams need to provide as much data as possible in order to carefully segment and plan the way forward. This data provides deep insight into the customers and brands and therefore is central to the development of strategic long-term and short-term marketing goals.

The migrations have been challenging for the development teams, Stefan says that the mobile evolution is of course presenting a challenge but it’s also an opportunity to work more closely together with the other teams in an endeavour to improve usability. The strategy has now been rolled out and everyone knows what they should be doing to contribute. It is now all about execution.

As Stefan rightly puts it “our responsibility as the development organisation working together with the business side is to make sure we are doing the right things and doing things right. We all have different tasks but equal responsibility to execute the Strategy. It’s all about working together towards our common goal”