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Great Fun at the Friday Beers Charity Event

The generosity and enthusiastic participation of Betssonites was revealed last Friday at the charity event held on the 8th floor during our regular Friday Beers evenings. Є5,000 was collected for NGO charity RA1SE, from stakes on the Space Hopper races, the ‘Cook Off’ wagers on our very own ‘Master Chefs’ - Patrik and Jesper, proceeds from all the cakes kindly donated which were sold at a steady pace both at lunch time and during the event, Simon who bought the auctioned Superman, as well as the sale of raffle tickets. The Betsson Experience “Cook off” between the MDs of and; Jesper Svensson and Patrik Oqvist, was greatly anticipated, with friendly competitive banter between the two teams… Who were without a doubt ‘In It To Win It!’ Their first task was to choose their ‘Sous Chefs’ and then uncovering their mystery boxes of ingredients to decide what their dishes would be. Jesper, along with Angel Jane Agius and Roman Repovas chose to prepare traditional Maltese dishes - Pasta with Rabbit Liver and Bruschetta for starters and Rabbit Stew for the main course.  


Jesper and the Betsson Team


Patrik and his team mates in their cooking gear.

Patrik, Karolina Pelc and Stefan Farrugia chose to go with Swedish cooking with a Maltese twist – Pasta cooked in Red Wine, Roasted Tomato Sauce with Bacon Shavings and Garlic Butter Bruschetta for starters. Oven baked Swedish meatballs with Maltese sausage for the main course. While the chefs and their assistants got cooking, the Space Hopper race was on! With much laughter from the audience and the competitive energy of the participants, the contenders bounced around the allotted track around floor 8, with the final race being won by Linnea Williamson to great applause and cheer.


In the meantime things were cooking in the kitchen, and while pots of sauces simmered away on the stoves, and divine smells filled the air, Jesper indulged in his bottle of red and appeared to have everything going according to plan, whilst Patrik and his team were clearly absorbed in their tasks and paying meticulous attention to the job at hand.


The SH1NE Raffle and Auction, with sought after prizes like a big Screen TV, big bottles of champagne and various weekend breaks and treats got under way. Lots of tickets were sold and the winners were clearly pleased with their prizes, whilst cheering and applause for each winner completed the fun atmosphere.

A last curve ball was thrown at our Master Chefs, and both had to come up with a dessert to be completed in the last 15 minutes of the challenge. Jesper’s team elected to make an Apple and Banana Smoothie with Chocolate and Patrik decided on Roasted Almond and Fig Balls dipped in Chocolate.

Finally the time was up and everyone shouted out the final 10 seconds, to great clapping and cheering. The plated dishes were presented to the judges who had to rate the teams on Preparation, Teamwork, Execution, Presentation and Taste. After much deliberation, sampling and enjoyment of all the appealing dishes, the counting of points was done and results were for Betsafe Master Chef Patrik Oqvist and his sous chefs, who won the challenge by a few points over the other team.

After the event Patrik was quoted as saying ‘There’s a new satisfaction in winning the cooking competition… if I ditch the spreadsheets… Instead of being grilled for numbers I could grill for a living!’

Jesper on the other hand was pleased that his team managed to win 4 out of the 5 categories of the completion so walked away, head held high and well pleased with that achievement.



Go Linnea! Go!


Is Kevin singing his heart out?

Is Kevin singing his heart out?