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Responsible Gaming training at Betsson Malta

In line with Betsson Groups company policy which requires all personnel to undergo Responsible Gaming training irrespective of role or position in the company, 160 employees received this training in the month of April. Betsson invests in this training in order for all employees to be aware that although the overwhelming majority of our customers use our products & services with great enjoyment there are those for whom this becomes a problem. As a company we are naturally committed to have long positive and healthy customer relationships. Betsson therefore continuously invests in having knowledgeable personnel and responsible gaming tools that can help players keep their gambling fun and minimize the risk of developing gambling problems.

Photo session-10

Team Members during the training sessions

Photo session-8

Mr Ulrik Bengtsson – CEO of The Betsson Malta Group

The training is being facilitated by the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) an international responsible gaming certification and accreditation company for online as well as land-based entities. The Global Gambling Guidance Group has been certifying Betsson’s web sites since 2005 and Betsson were among the very first companies to be certified.

The aim of the training is to give basic knowledge about gambling, with emphasis on problem gambling, vulnerable groups, signs of problem gambling and strategies for how to best manage situations that could arise. The G4 training is a complement to the in-depth training that all customer facing personnel undergo prior to being able to interact with our customers. Refresher training and knowledge tests are carried out regularly for all Customer Service personnel.