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Interview with Veiko Krunberg – A Series of posts about The Betsson Team Leaders

Veiko Krunberg was recruited at Triobet in late 2006, the year when operations where first launched. Triobet is a sister brand of Nordicbet targeting Baltic markets – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. An interesting fact is that Triobet was founded as a joint venture together with the three Baltic Football Federations, each holding an equal share in the venture. Assigned as the Head of Triobet, Veiko is basically running an MD role for the brand, as well as operating as an acting Marketing Manager for Estonia. Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 17.54.51

The Team

Team Triobet consist of cross-functional stakeholders and everyone is committed to targets. ‘If the brand delivers it’s because of the team effort’ Veiko states firmly, ‘Triobet has a special setup as a small and dynamic team constantly challenged on all fronts of business. Almost all 11 team members contribute in marketing and acquisition to retention and reactivation, therefore across the customer lifecycle.’

Veiko explains; ‘We have a special relationship with our designated IT team of 5, who contribute in the process of designing the developments. We take great advantage from the fact that most of us are sitting together in Tallinn office. We’ve developed a very smooth communication flow with Triobet’s Support Agents and many others helping us from the Betsson Experience Centre in Malta. Solid and comfortably accessible Video Conferencing that has been introduced by Internal IT has enabled us to run more effective meetings with needed frequency between the stakeholders regardless of distances.

The team and the 5 year Strategy

‘Looking at the strategy it’s quite overwhelming for us in terms of where we come from, but on the back of the immense potential, knowledge and energetic people working together it is as exciting as it can be for us who are driven by the challenges’ he smiles. ‘We have 7 years of invaluable knowledge in the Baltic markets and as the region together with Russian speaking territories are in the emerging phase we are here to capitalize on that. With more resources than ever before we are taking fast steps in terms of Product Development, Business Intelligence, CRM capabilities and more. We will be a match for all the big players on the market and will supersede smaller endeavours.

Executing the Strategy

By rebuilding parts of the site, from where the customers land, to how they register and will be taken to play, the team will be enhancing the customer experience tremendously. Veiko continues, ‘The CRM program is almost self-evolving, the more campaigns we execute, the more we can analyse and optimize. By introducing new, technological wonders like retargeting in Triobet, we can get more from those limited acquisition options we have online. Mobile, both on natives and as a responsive site are soon to be deployed with the help of our friends in Nordicbet.’

Achievements and the Future

Triobet today engages more people than ever before, with one of the largest market takes in the region and very strong retention, meeting the challenges to deliver targets and acting accordingly. Veiko is enthusiastic about the future, ‘Next we need to wisely plan resources for quick deliverables especially in the Casino business – more functional interface, more suppliers and more promotions. Of course we will extract as much value as possible out from the World Cup but we also need to be aware of the high churn that the period after it usually faces.’

‘In this ever changing and evolving business environment packed with opportunities, this team and this company will never be left without a chance to explore new revenue streams, grow to new markets and business sectors. Together with the best customer experience we will be delivering an engaging brand that is true to its roots, is close to its customer and stays open and respectful.’

Motto and Drive

‘We are very passionate about the brand and its reach. When we see hundreds and thousands of our clients being engaged by what we deliver and contribute to the business as a result, this is the best reward for our work. Our output is as cool as are we and we’re never boring,’ he laughs.