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NordicBet celebrates football joy as the main sponsor of ConIFA and Sami National Team

NordicBet has become the main sponsor for ConIFA (The CONfederation of Independent Football Associations), an organization that arranges international football matches for nations, peoples and minorities outside the FIFA organization. The collaboration is a celebration of football joy across borders, not least during ConIFA World Football Cup, which this year takes place in Östersund running from May 31 to June 8. "We are very excited that NordicBet has become a sponsor of ConIFA",  says Per-Anders Blind, president of ConIFA. "The sponsorship will allow us to pursue the targets of the organization, which is a very important meeting place and football is the unifying factor. Together we are better."


ConIFA World Football Cup is the World Cup of nations, peoples and minorities outside the FIFA organization. The tournament was initiated in 2013 to strengthen relationships between people, minority groups and isolated regions around the world through friendship, culture, and the joy of football.

This year’s championship, ConIFA World Football Cup 2014 is made up of 12 teams; Kurdistan, Sápmi, Quebec, Isle of Man, Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, Aramean Suryoye Tamil Eelam, Zanzibar, Darfur, Padania and Occetanien.

“We are extremely proud to be part of this showcase of real passion for football which exists within ConIFA” says Mikael Nilsson, Swedish Marketing Manager at NordicBet.

NordicBet will also be the official sponsor of the Sami team, this year’s tournament hosts in Östersund.

“The Sami are the hosts of ConIFA World Cup. It is incredibly fun to be their partner during the tournament. They have a strong team that absolutely should be able to push for gold”, says Mikael Nilsson.

In conjunction with the tournament NordicBet has developed the web series #NewHeroes to pay tribute to the heroes during the tournament. The series comes in 12 episodes portraying the participating teams including player profiles.

The first episode will broadcast on May 12 on the NordicBet website but the trailer below has already been released!

“In our series # NewHeroes Swedish football fans have the chance to follow the footballers, coaches and fans, and their passion for the sport. We want to show a new side of football and make way for new heroes who might otherwise not get that place in the limelight which they truly deserve”, says Mikael Nilsson at NordicBet.

Just as during the upcoming World Cup in Brazil and divisions in football so NordicBet will offer odds for each match during ConIFA World Football Cup.

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