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Betsson makes another Millionaire! Winner played only €1.50!

A 36 year old from the big city area around Stockholm tried his luck one night, playing "Jazz of New Orleans” on his mobile, and ended up an amazing 3,307,177 SEK richer. - Didn't get much sleep last night, says our latest Betsson millionaire.

New Orleans Slot

The Winning Game - New Orleans Slot

The 36 -year-old father of three, who has been a Betsson player since 2010, was lying in bed trying out Betsson Classics completely unaware that life would soon change.

– I saw that the jackpot was now three million, but thought it would be more likely to get struck by lightning than to win it. I went out for a short break and when I came back I had to call Betsson’s customer service to see if it was really true.

New Orleans Jazz at

The Jackpot win means a major change for the 36 -year-old and his family. He’s going to use the money to buy a house with a large garden, where his children can have their own bedroom. He also plans to take an extra holiday and help his mother out with some money. In regards to the rest, he intends to invest and use it wisely.

So far this year, four jackpots distributed a total of 35 million SEK. Three of the winners are from the Swedish area of Mälardalen where it’s been raining Betsson gold this year.

– It’s always wonderful to hand out big wins to our players, especially when it means that their dreams come true. It´s extra fun that our new Betsson Classics games is already fulfilling its goal to create even more jackpot millionaires, says Stefan Bladh (Marketing Coordinator) at Betsson.

“Betsson Classics” is a series of games designed to be easy and fun while providing proper distribution to the winners. The first game in the series was released late last year and the collection will have a total of 10 slot machines by the end of 2014.

As part of the program for responsible gaming Betsson offers all jackpot winners personal financial advice.