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Nordicbet launches sponsorship across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

This week marks the launch of the activation of Nordicbet's sponsorship across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark for the ConIFA World Football Cup being played in Östersund, Sweden.


The tournament is organized by ConIFA, for teams/nations outside of FIFA, and takes place the week before the FIFA World Cup. Kurdistan and Padania are outright favorites, closely followed by Sápmi.

Nordicbet is supporting ConIFA to show our passion for football.

Our 12 episode series (1 episode per team) about the tournament and the teams has now kicked off with the first epsiode.

The first episode  is about Team Ellan Vannin (Isle of Man) and already Live on along with Part 2 about Padania.

If you're interested in the odds you can find them by clicking here for Nordicbet.