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Pensioner becomes next Betsson Millionaire whilst waiting for a friend

The night before the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup a pensioner from northern Sweden was expecting a visit from a friend. She took the opportunity to play Little Piggy Bank on Betsson’s casino whilst killing time.

Penstioner becomes Millionaire at

Pensioner becomes Millionaire at

Isn’t it annoying when friends are late?  Well not this time round. Our latest millionaire from Norrland certainly doesn’t think so anymore! She was sitting at home waiting for her friend, and thought she’d play one of the Betsson’s Classics at

Her friend didn’t turn up and it got later and later …and good job it did. The Dream Chance Jackpot, for the game Piggy Bank, paid out and gave its entire 1.9 million SEK to the North of Sweden. Our winner phoned customer service immediately to confirm that it was true. Gosh her friend was gonna get some news when she turns up!
The winner said she would “share the winnings with the whole family then put some of the money in the bank… And I’ll buy a new automatic lawn mower for the garden” laughed the happy winner,  who could not believe that it was true. She felt compelled to thank the entire Betsson team for the Jackpot Win.

Betsson thanked her back! We are delighted to have a new Betsson millionaire in the family.

Maybe it will be one of our readers next? Take the dream shot at Betsson’s classic!