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Interview with StarCasino’s Andrea Rossi – A Series of Posts about our Team Leaders

‘If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds.’ Andrea Rossi originally joined Betsson in 2012 as Casino Manager. After a short time away from Betsson, he came back this February as Head of StarCasino – as he realized the grass was not greener on the other side! He began working within the online gaming industry in Costa Rica back in 2004, with one of the pioneers of the online casino business, which at the time was focused mainly on the US market; though it had customers from all over the world. When he moved back to Europe he worked for GoldBet, an operator focused on the Italian market , and ChiliGaming an international company which was sold to Bally Technologies in 2012.

Andre Rossi - Head of Casino at

Andre Rossi - Head of Casino at

  The Team The StarCasino team is made up of 16 people. The Product and Development and Customer Service teams operate from

within the Betsson office in Malta.

‘The team has an important role within the company organization due to the high expectations the Betsson Group has from the Italian market. We interact on a daily basis as one Betsson with other brands’ teams to get valuable input which we try to customize and apply to our product. The StarCasino team are very grateful to all of you who help us and support us. This is a great family and we feel like we are the younger brother who is supported by his older and more experienced siblings,’ smiles Andrea.

‘…we are looking forward in the next couple of months to the migration of StarCasino to the Techsson platform. We are very excited about this and see a lot of potential coming from the great features the Techsson platform offers.  The Italian gaming market is one of the biggest in Europe, and we want to become a strong player within that market. Betsson has the expertise, technology, culture and winning strategy in place to make this happen. There are a lot of opportunities out there which we can make our own, develop and deliver – the Betsson way!’

The 5 year Strategy

‘Our priority is the migration of StarCasino to Techsson by late summer this year – as part of Betsson’s vision and strategy – this requires our team to make a strong effort and we are fully committed to delivering all the necessary contributions and giving assistance to all the teams involved in the process. Once on Techsson, we will be able to have access to the Customer Intelligence Data and enhance our capabilities to understand our customers and provide them with a world-class gaming experience.

We are also aligned with our CEO’s Mobile First strategy:  the integration of Betsson’s latest technology mobile solution is already road-mapped and will be available to our Customers right after the migration.

The Tech Team is drafting the requirements for future implementations to make our new Site even more user-friendly – it’s our goal to provide our customers with the Best-Customer-Experience. Last but not least, the Marketing Team is working hard on finding new acquisition channels, including organic, affiliation and digital media to bring new players to the casino at a lower CPA value.’

The next step and the future

‘We have a date set for the migration to Techsson and all the StarCasino team is currently preparing the business strategy that we will put in place once we are migrated. On top of this we have added two new members to our team who, with their expertise, I am sure , will help us all to get a step closer to achieving our strategy and goals,’ continues Andrea.

‘We want to be best in-class when it comes to customer satisfaction. We believe in innovation, which along with an extraordinary attention to detail, are the key factors towards making our products successful in Italy.’

Andrea is passionate about his team and their efforts; ‘The rush of having a goal and trying your best to reach it is a driving force.  The success of achievement and being part of a great team of passionate people who believe and want to make it happen is what working at Betsson is all about!’