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Suarez “biting odds” social media hit for Betsafe!

As Johan Andersson so eloquently put it; ‘the Suarez bite has set off an avalanche on social media!’ Except it isn’t only social media! Unusual Pre World Cup odds included whether Suarez would bite again. Well, as we all know by now; he did! And the world went wild. From Twitter to Facebook to world news: British tabloids and newspapers including The Mirror, Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Independent, even the Hindu Times in India covered the story; not to mention CNN, Fox Sports and ESPN. The story of how had offered odds on the event happening and how those who placed the bet are now enjoying their winnings has spread like wildfire. The opportunity presented itself to roll with it, and boy did we roll! image004 

Patrik Oqvist was quoted as saying; ‘I probably saw 50 emails between social/SB/countries/Malta as we were using the opportunity. We got great coverage in Sweden and Norway, but more importantly we proved that we are fast and can use social. There were so many emails flying around I don’t even know where to point you. It just worked.’

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The Winning Coupon! on the Suarez Bite Bet

Betsafe worked quickly to take advantage and changed site banners and emails/SMS on the Suarez biting. A pretty awesome job all round.

More unusual odds are on offer. Including someone going to score from his own half and that a referee gets hurt; Even whether animals will invade the pitch! And now odds are on for how many games Suarez will be banned! (Until FIFA takes its decision)

We tip our hats to our players who took a chance – and won – on our World Cup specials.