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Betsson Wins Excellence in Customer Service Award

Betsson's customer service was recently awarded the Women In Gaming's (WIG) award for best customer service. Our Support Manager, Melissa received one of the most prestigious awards in the industry on behalf of the Team.    Melissa used to be a primary school teacher who came to Malta on a working Summer holiday. She enjoyed working at Betsson so much that she stayed. She found customer service and client contact to be very rewarding and this is what convinced her to stay.

Melissa Receiving the MIG Award

Melissa Receiving the MIG Customer Service Excellence Award

When Interviewed Melissa said that she finds co-ordinating the biggest challenge in her job. The Team of 55 is made up of many different nationalities but everyone has to speak with one voice for the sake of the customer. This Award, for Melissa is a sign of the Team's success. This award is an award for everyone's combined efforts to succeed.

The Team is not just there for simple enquiries, “we’re not just a help desk”, we help resolve customer problems no matter what the problem is, whether big or small, we are there for them.

This Award is one of the most prestigious WIG awards and had several nominees in the running. Four team members were flown out to London to receive the Award during an Oscar-style, Gala dinner in Knightsbridge.

Melissa spoke of the Team’s goal to offer the best customer experience in the gaming industry. This award shows that the Team is succeeding. A big well done to our customer service Team!