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Beach Balls and Moth winners – Crazy World cup winnings at

When beach balls were thrown onto the pitch by supporters during the Colombia vs Ivory Coast game 82 Betsson players walked away with a total of €13,000 in winnings. The special world cup bets allowed players to bet on a number of special bets that are a little out of the norm.  "Will someone throw beach balls into the pitch in Brazil?" or ”Will there be an animal invasion on the pitch during a match?”.

Beach Balls on the pitch - Brazil 2014

On one occasion a cameraman happened to film a small moth during the match

between Ivory Coast and Japan, and even if most people thought of cats, dogs or similar animals when placing the bet, there is no denying that a moth is still an animal. So payed out for the animal invasion bet as well!

A lot of the players didn’t know they had won until they got the call. Needless we say they were all delighted!

Dennis a happy “Beach Balls bet” winner from Oslo said he had only joined the site 10 days before winning and  he chose the beach ball bet because it was the funniest he found. It was the first time he won on something like that and it seemed to sharpen his appetite for more odd bet offers, he has decided to try his luck on Sportsbook.