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2014 edition of Gumball 3000 – from Miami to Ibiza in 7 days

The 2014 edition of Gumball 3000 rally took Team Betsafe ambassadors through a 3000 mile route from Miami to Ibiza in just 7 days. The events involving over 120 supercars and their celebrity drivers gathered live crowds of over 1 million and tv-audiences of over 60 million.

Betsafe Social Media Team has created a 14 minute Gumball 3000 Road Movie 2014, which is available at the Official Betsafe YouTube channel. In the mix with supercars and global celebrities the film also features Betsafe VIP players enjoying the Gumball 3000 atmosphere in London and Ibiza. Gumball 3000 Road Movie 2014 is directly linked from YouTube into a Gumball 3000 themed Betsafe Casino landing page created by Betsafe Business Team.
Below is one of Betsafe’s largest productions to date!