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BetssonGroup to move Sportsbook development from Manila to Malta.

The Betsson Group intends to move Sportsbook development to Malta and has today announced that the company plans to shut down its operations in Manila.

In order to deliver on our strategy of providing the best customer experience in the industry, we are constantly evaluating ourselves to improve how to run the business – to make sure we continue to be best in class.

One of our goals is to create and deliver the next generation of Sportsbook. In order to do so we need to improve communications, collaboration and proximity to our customers. We believe that in order for product development to push forward we require business and development teams to work in close collaboration every day.

We have already successfully merged the front end within the brand team and now we intend to move the Sportsbook development closer to the business in Malta. As a result of this, the plan is to discontinue all operations in Manila and close the office by end of Q2 2015.

If you have queries kindly contact your closest Operations Manager (OM), Malin Sparv Rydberg or Ulrik Bengtsson. Thank you.