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Responsible Gaming Conference – Norway 2014

On Sept 23 the Norwegian Lottery Commision (Lotteritilsynet) organised a conference about responsible gaming in Oslo. The conference was part of the Norwegian government's plan to reduce problem gaming. It focused mainly on the National Providers (Norsk Tipping especially) and their job to reduce gaming related problems. A study from the University in Bergen showed that there are currently around 22,000 people with gaming-problems in Norway, and around 60,000 more are in the "orange zone" which means they have been flagged as prone to developing a problem. Many organizations working with gaming related problems said they lacked concrete plans for prevention and funding to provide help to those who need it. (Norway spent 12 Mill NOK on responsible Gaming in 2013, whilst Denmark spent 33 Mill DKK) The Minister of Culture in Norway, Thorild Widwey, opened the conference by stating that they were satisfied with the Norwegian model of gaming today, but that they are currently studying the effect this has on sport and culture, in order to decide whether to open the market for licensing like Denmark. The results of this independent study, conducted by a company named Rambøll, will be delivered to the Department of Culture by Jan 15th, 2015. There will be more conferences to attend in Norway over the next years about the need for Responsible Gaming. A committee has also been recently appointed to advise, support and create events for awareness about this. Unfortunately no foreign companies were invited and therefore attendance was strictly local.