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Betsson Group at the Summit of iGaming; Ulrik Bengtsson speaks on the opening panel

As CEO of the biggest tech company in Malta, Ulrik Bengtsson was invited to speak on the panel of the opening discussion of the industry conferences; the Summit of iGaming in Malta (SiGMA) on the 31st of October. The panel was made up of a line up of high brow personalities; Hon. Dr. Jose’ A. Herrera, Mr. Anton Cristina and Mr. Nikolai Livori and was moderated by Mr. Bernard Mallia. The title of the panel discussion called "Is Malta the Silicon Valley of the iGaming Industry?"was derived from one of Ulrik's most quoted lines that looks at the possibility of Malta being like the Silicon Valley of the iGaming Industry. 10644988_793719524025418_1531791162474851943_n Amongst some skepticism, Ulrik Bengtsson described that Malta has attracted a significant number of iGaming businesses thanks to its robust and predictable licensing environment as well as various other factors,

however the biggest opportunity in order to keep and grow this industry is to invest in education; evolving the educational system to ensure proper computer science education that can provide high quality developers.

He added that Malta has done pretty well in providing a good licensing environment so far, but now needs  to take more of a 360 degree approach, taking into consideration every aspect, including the infrastructure, entertainment and education.

The comparison with Silicon Valley (not an exact compariosn btw) sprouts from the idea that: “What if”….What if gaming companies locate on Malta, not because of licenses,not because of taxes BUT becasue of the skill pool and the availability of devlopers and other digital professionasl? Betsson often suffers from talent shortage, in fact the Betsson Group would at least 50 .NeT (dot net) developers tomorrow but they are simply not available. Malta needs to foster an environment that attracts and develops more industry relevant talent.


The SiGMA event spanned over 4 days including pre-registration and provided an eventful few days for members of our team manning the stand.