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Betsson Group Recertified with Equality Mark

On the 19thJanuary 2015, The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) confirmed that  Betsson Malta Ltd. has successfully been recertified with the Equality Mark and has been granted use of the Equality Mark logo for a period of three years.   adea2294-ba1f-403f-870b-7b19327644c0 The certification process improves the internal processing and also delivers a positive message about The Betsson Group's approach to existing and prospective employees. The process of certification is very valuable in its own right as it seeks to constantly encourage clarification as well as amelioration of a number of our internal processes and policies. The process entailed visits from the NCPE representatives to the Experience Centre. The NCPE reviewed contracts and employment conditions of employees so as to ensure that both men and women alike benefit, not only from the same career and personal development opportunities but also from the same family friendly measures. NCPE also made sure that various principles including that of equality pay for work of equal value are strongly upheld. Internal sexual harassment policies were also reviewed.

These policies are readily available for all employees on the intranet in the Policies for employees section. The policies help support employees by providing instructions on how to react and what to expect in situations related to the above issues.

The process was internally governed by both the HR and Legal departments, who benefitted from NCPE training in view of the recertification.

This recertification was  awarded on the evidence that Betsson Malta kept its commitment to implement relevant policies and practices that concern gender equality and family friendly measures at the place of work.

The Group also demonstrated that it has the will and capacity to keep these good practices in the years to come. This has always been part of the Betsson Groups operational targets and perfectly fits with the Group’s vision.