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29 Betssonites take the marathon challenge!


A total of 29 betssonites took part in the Half Marathon event organised by Vodafone this Sunday 22nd  February. 11 took part in the walkathon and 18 took up the 21 kilometre half marathon challenge.

The weather was not conducive to outdoor exercise, the previous nights' storm left the roads very wet and the sky dark, yet the spirit of the Betssonites was high and the determination was strong.

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20 minutes after kickoff the rain started pouring again, and the winds grew stronger, but fortunately within an hour, the sky cleared and the sun came through the clouds, just in time for the supporters to approach the finishing line for that final cheer.

For most Betssonites this was a first marathon event, for others this was a challenge they were looking forward to since last year. Markus from The Central Games of Chance team had challenged his team to take part in the event.

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An amazing 100% response motivated the mobile team to also join the challenge. The Casino Euro team also had a high participation with all of them running the full distance! Other branches within the Betsson group were there to.

The teams represented were Games of chance (7), Casino Euro (7), Betsafe (3), Mobile (3), Sportsbook (2) Payments operations (2), Techsson (1), HR(1), Finance (1), Marketing (1), Projects (1).

All the participants had different reasons to stand up for the challenge. Some wanted to lose weight and gain discipline others needed a challenge to tick off the bucket list but all did it for the team spirit.


We asked some participants to tell us why they ran the marathon.. here’s what they said:

“This time last year I weighed over a 100 kilos and I had to step it up a bit and take care of myself more. So a few sweats and salads later I managed not only to lose more than 18 kilos but also to do my first ever marathon journey! Yes it was a journey for me to see how you can push yourself forward at some point in your life and you come to the realisation that the finishing line was just the beginning!”

Ashley Zarb, Maltese, Central Games of Chance, Betssonite Walkathon.

“I am not a runner yet the half marathon was on my bucket list. Training was though and I had to be strict with my running schedule. For 2 months I made running my priority even though it is not my passion nor habit.
When the day came, I felt ready. My target was just below 2 hours… I got in before the 1h50! No words can describe the inner satisfaction I was feeling… this is such a memorable experience I will forever cherish.”

Dana Ben Moussa, Games of Chance, Betssonite Half

 Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.34.42Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.34.33

“My motivation was simply to experience a half marathon on foreign soil (having run many full marathons and half marathons in the UK previously) and to have a reason to keep fit so I continue to eat and drink in abundance!!!

My success story was of course finishing it but mainly helping a colleague to achieve under 1hr 50mins which was very rewarding. It made the run and the whole experience even more enjoyable. It shows that with a bit of support and encouragement we can all push ourselves that little bit further and achieve outstanding results even when we never thought possible. One Betsson!

Next goal is to eat and drink what I want for the month of March!”

Jeremy Taylor, Betsafe, Betssonite Half Marathon

“The experience of walking this distance as a team, constantly pushing each other to make it together, goes so well together with the values we have here at Betsson, I am really cheerful that our full team made it to the finish line!”

Carl Ejlertsson, Games of Chance, Betssonite Walkathon

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We’re all looking forward to next years’ event and hope many more will join this fun team-building challenge next year.

Hope to see you all there next year. A big well done to all the participants… Markus Aurala, Dana Ben Moussa, Yanika Cassar, Ashley Zarb, Martin Stahl, Carl Ejlertsson, Viktor Johansson, Alan Aquilina, Reuben Spiteri, Vronsky Bartolo, Marco Muscat, Mark Galea, Sebastian Attard, Daniel Carabott, Tobias Johansson, Simon Lidzen, Agnieszka Spiteri, Jeremy Taylor, Jacqueline Gatt, Mikael Nilsson C, Greta Busuttil, Janis Vibe, Bradley Callus, Marc Cohen, Joakim Wikman, Mark Borg, Taina Makkonen, Adriano Mintoff, Carl Brynielsson and Kevin Saliba