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Interview with the 29 year old Millionaire

"At first I couldn’t believe it, I thought there might be a bug in the game" said the 29 year old Millionaire from Finland. "So I kept checking my balance to see if it was true".

A player for over 2 years, he chose to play the slot because there was a casino tournament promotion with the chance of winning €2,000 from the tournament. "The major jackpot was very tempting too! I didn't even think I could win the Mega Jackpot." His favourite games are the Casino Slots because they're entertaining and exciting.

“When it hit the account I started cheering and jumping around the living room. I was so shocked and when I told my family they were too!”

“I will probably stop studying now and change my future plans, I will buy an apartment and pay my parents’ mortgage before going travelling.”

Who knows where the next Millionaire will come from?

Checkout the winner’s game of choice here: