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Interview with Mr.Patrick Jonker – Managing Director – Oranje & Kroon Casino 

Mr.Patrick Jonker joined the Betsson Group after relocating to Malta with his family inOctober 2014 to become the new Managing Director for Oranje & Kroon Casino. Patrick comes with extensive experience within the Dutch market and has been involved in customer  behaviour strategies within this market for many years. His experience in gaming and media brings an approach to the strategy that is more multi-faceted. A commercially driven manager with over ten years experience within the digital entertainment industry, he has a solid history of success in managing international teams with a strong focus on innovation and commercial success. “The Dutch market is perhaps different in that it is still less mature than most other markets which the Betsson Group operates in.” says Patrick “However all customers are looking for that best experience”; this is perhaps the strongest common denominator that brings all the brands together within the Betsson Group’s strategy. The solid structure which the Betsson Malta Group provides for the customer service offering of the brands is priceless. The addition of live chat is just one of such examples. Patrick has many years of experience managing teams and has also built teams from scratch in the past. In the past six months at Oranje & Kroon Casino he has been heading a team of over 20 people and has been responsible for the expansion of the brands within the Betsson Group. Kroon Casino has already migrated to the Techsson platform gaining all the Business Intelligence advantages provided by its Insights. “This intelligence is extremely important” says Patrick The pooling of intelligence is perhaps the biggest advantage of being part of a larger group as well as the confidence of working within a group with a proven track record. “The Oranje & Kroon brands have always valued the customer experience and therefore found that their values naturally integrate within Ulrik Bengtsson’s strategy for the Betsson Group.” says Patrick. The two brands have a very different strategy. Oranje Casino focuses on ease of use and simplicity, although the new platform will enable this brand to improve the variety of the games on offer, Kroon Casino, perhaps a more complex brand, will be launching new products and going for marketshare in other areas. Both have a very strong relationship with their customers and as part of the strategy do a lot of active listening to understand their customer behaviours not only through data but also through their customer service touch-points, which are now highly enhanced thanks to the Betsson Groups solid structure. “Using data to improve the customer experience is very important for all brands and with more data available we can improve more quickly.” Patrick speaks about his teams passionately and believes in the importance each team member plays in the larger achievements of the brand. “By paying attention to developments in the market and staying abreast of technological developments focusing on our main priorities we can keep making a good brand better, and happy customers happier. Patrick believes very strongly in the focus on execution of the strategy of being the best customer experience on the market. He believes his team is doing a great job. “one can always achieve more with a little more dedication. Whether your job is to design interface elements or execute a campaign it’s all about focusing on making things better for the customer so let’s keep listening!”