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Dr. Simon Busuttil visits the Betsson Experience Centre to meet CEO Ulrik Bengtsson

Dr. Simon Busuttil visited the Betsson Experience Centre earlier this morning to meet CEO, Ulrik Bengtsson.

The press was present and Dr. Busuttil and his entourage were shown around the building by Ulrik Bengtsson. The two discussed the iGaming industry and its future in Malta on many different fronts. The Betsson Group as the largest iGaming operator on the island owns 20 brands operating in 20 markets. Ulrik Bengtsson said that from a legislative perspective, there are opportunities for the industry to grow the existing business without necessarily diversifying into social gaming.

The Group also recently relocated part of its operations from Manila to Malta, "If it were easier to employ skilled internet professionals and process work permits, the Betsson Group would allocate more operations and employ more people in Malta"  said Ulrik Bengtsson.

The issue of talent supply is an important one for the Group. Malta needs to raise the ‘educational’ bar, creating an environment where talent becomes easier to find especially within internet and IT professionals. This could benefit the island as a whole. Incentives that benefit the iGaming industry also benefit the country as a whole by creating opportunity for ancillary suppliers required by the industry, creating jobs there too. 

The recent relocation from Manila highlighted some local work permit processing issues. Ulrik Bengtsson observed that in Malta, as in most counties, there is a chasm between the political agenda and the execution of it. It would be helpful if bureaucracy were more efficient and reflected the execution of the political agenda which is in synergy with the iGaming industry and its growth.

Ulrik Bengtsson and Simon Busuttil visited the Sports book floor, Betsafe floor, Casino Euro,, Marketing, Payments and Customer Support before retiring to the board room for a private meeting. Mr. Busuttil commented on the excellent view and size of the Betsson Experience Centre and Ulrik Bengtsson expressed a curiosity about future plans for Smart City and the development there.

During the tour of the operational floors, Ulrik Bengtsson explained how the Group’s focus is on simplifying the customer journey across all the devices available on the market today, “the desktop game will become more or less obsolete so we put special focus on cross-platform customer experience ” says Ulrik  “by focusing on execution we achieve incremental improvements based on real-time data, on the path to fulfilling our Strategy.”

Dr Busuttil said it was a great pleasure to visit the Betsson Experience centre and that as Leader of the Opposition he was fully supportive of the new regulation opportunities, educational opportunities and other improvements required by the industry and the Betsson Group.”