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Betsson Group receives re-Certification at the 11th Annual NCPE Conference

On Thursday 7th May The Betsson Group received the re-Certification of the Equality Mark by the NCPE as an equal opportunities employer. This grants use of the Equality Mark for a period of three years.


The certification goes beyond assuring equal wages for men and women. Being an equal opportunities employer means that you take action to make sure that cultural, gender, racial/ethnic differences and disability are not affecting the way people are treated within the organisation. Getting NCPE certified means that the company processes and initiatives observe these values.


The Event was opened by the Minister of Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Hon. Dr Helena Dalli who addressed the audience, she emphasised the governments commitment to an agenda that mainstreams human rights and equality. She highlighted the government’s concern with the low participation of women in the local market.

The Certification was picked up by Taina Makkonen – Chief HR Executive for the Betsson group. The Group now holds the Certification which will be reviewed in 3 years time.