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Interview with Mr.Jeremy Taylor – Managing Director – Betsafe 

Mr.Jeremy Taylor joined the Betsson Group in July 2014 as the Managing Director for Betsafe. He relocated to Malta to take the post in July 2014, taking up the exciting challenge of joining the Betsafe Team at the Betsson Experience Centre; new island, new job, new role.


Jeremy currently holds the role of Managing Director for the Betsafe Brand. He brings an array of marketing and commercial skills to the table through his extensive experience leveraging brands and customer experience across all touch-points for brands like O2 and Setanta Sports.

He understands the value of a strong brand strategy that is planned and executed end to end across all customer touch points and the customer lifecycle.

“if you have a great brand, great content and great execution then you will not only gain strong awareness and engagement but more importantly loyalty and advocacy.” says Jeremy. “Betsafe has a unique and powerful brand identity and if utilized to its potential can become truly Global”

Optimising the marketing investment requires getting the brand strategy and customer experience right end to end at all times, and relevant to each market and segment.

“The customers’ full lifecycle; end to end experience through the web and mobile is very important. Every step has to be relevant with the brand identity and seamless with regards to usability. Every customer needs to do what they want - fast!” This approach is highly synchronised with Ulrik’s strategy for the Betsson Group with regards to customer experience.

Jeremy says experience has taught him that “if you get the customer experience right, and relative to the brand, especially one as unique and exciting as Betsafe, then the commercials will follow

As a challenger brand, owned and earned media are critical. We need to create experiences and content that are worth talking about and sharing, leveraging the power of social and digital channels to get this at scale. Consequently ambassadors play a very important role within the Betsafe marketing mix, adding credibility, personality and therefore engagement. Of course different ambassadors are required for different markets so when an overlap between markets can be achieved it is an advantage.

Jeremy manages a team of over 30 people; covering casino, poker and sportsbook products. He is responsible for the strategy and end to end plan, both short-term and long-term, in order to deliver the accounting revenue target for the Brand. With the newly awarded UK licence, Betsafe is now looking to grow within this market, as well as others such as Canada in due course.

The Betsafe Brand

Working in close collaboration with the legal team, regulations in the UK market are closely observed and local adaptation implemented through geo-targeting. The Betsson Group takes legislation seriously and also extends its efforts into Responsible Gaming initiatives as required by different markets.

Betsafe is a unique brand, it is edgy, daring, bold and contrarian, and has the potential to enter markets as a disruptive competitive brand. It is exciting and is in a great position to garner attention through socially disruptive approach, attracting traffic to its channels through strong content and conversation. The brand has already achieved good results, and is growing which is a credit to the whole team involved in the brand. There is no shortage of passion and commitment but now there is end to end collaboration and direction.

“By constantly fine-tuning our execution as one team end to end, we can keep growing this winning brand” says Jeremy.

The power of the Betsafe brand is truly unique - like its team. There is nothing like it in the industry so the possibilities are endless. The Betsafe team embodies the brand spirit and is currently heading towards some exciting times - more expansion on a global front.

Embracing growth and keeping up the momentum and commitment is key to the success of the Betsafe brand. Jeremy is excited about the journey the whole Betsafe team is embarking on. This is just the beginning…