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Betsson ONE Team Building Activity in Valletta – the fun continues.

This afternoon at half one, over one thousand Betsson employees stormed Valletta for their Team Building activity. All the teams looked excited as they came off the coaches at the granaries in Floriana.

The 10 strong teams had their iPads at the ready and started their challenges instructed by their team leaders.  Our team support agents were also there; dotted around the capital city on call in case the teams needed support.

The challenge took the Betssonites on a trip that presented unexpected challenges including film spoofs, poses, tricky questions and much more. The day was fun-filled and seemed to be over fast.

Here are some fun shots from Valletta

Upon return to the granaries everyone looked tired but happy. Refreshments awaited all in anticipation of tonight’s event at Manoel Island which will be the peak of a truly amazing day starring all Betssonites!