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H.E. The President of Malta visits the Betsson Experience Centre

H.E. President Ms. Mary Louise Coleiro Preca visited the Betsson group offices earlier today. She was welcomed and guided by Finance Director, Kristian Saliba and Chief Business Development Officer, Petra Zackrisson. The aim of the visit was for Her Excellency to give an overview of the mission and work of the Malta Community Chest Fund, which currently stands as Betsson's largest CSR commitment, with contributions that have surpassed 40,000 Euro to date.
H.E Ms. Mary Louise Coleiro Preca was introduced by Mr. Saliba and Betsson's previous contributions were mentioned and applauded by all present. The visit was well attended by the press and many Betsson group employees. Following introductions, H.E Ms. Mary Louise Coleiro Preca gave a presentation that covered an overview of the work of The Community Chest Fund. She described the different ways in which contributions such as those of the Betsson Group make a tremendous difference; not only to individuals but to the Maltese Community as a whole.
She spoke of the prevalence of cancer "we have more effective medicine and can manage the condition better but this is expensive and therefore it is a burden that the Malta Community Chest Fund has to carry".
H.E. the President spoke of the prevalence of disease and the responsibility placed on the presidency as she claims that the Malta Community Chest Fund is 'the only national fund that sustains cancer patients and patients with disease'. The Community Chest Funds supports people who need to go abroad for treatment that is not available locally in case of illness. Kristian proceeded to announce the launch of the voluntary employee contribution scheme that will start in July 2015. In addition to the monthly payday employee donations the President today received the amount of 5,000 Euro to pledge towards the Community Chest Fund causes. Petra Zackrisson and Kristian Saliba took Her Excellency and her entourage on a tour of the Betsson Group's offices, whilst discussing the history of the company and it's immense growth. H.E. Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca left the building and said 'Betsson is a place where people from different cultures mix together well in a way that can be seen and felt'. She said she loved the energy that the young team projects and felt motivated and energised by their interest and support in the cause she represents.