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Betsson Group’s SEO team meets Google Webmaster Trends Analyst – John Mueller

During his brief visit to Malta this July,  Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller extended an open invitation  for an informal chat over to his google+ followers. News travelled fast and members of the Betsson Group’s SEO team quickly jumped at the chance to pick the expert’s brain.

The Betsson Group’s SEO team was delighted to  hear from John that our core value “Customer at heart” is a universal rule for SEO success.

He explained that when it comes to how Google ranks your site, it’s not about how many boxes you tick, it’s more about the all-round factor. He went on to say that although ideally your site  should have a great UX/UI (user experience and user interface)  and should be optimised, to have a great design there may be instances where a site that doesn’t meet all these criteria still ranks well simply because customers search for their brand and there is demand.

It’s ultimately about the customers and giving them what they want, even if that particular site isn’t up to scratch in terms of SEO.

Meeting the customer’s needs and providing them with value is key; everything else follows. John emphasised that having the customer at the forefront of your decisions doesn’t mean effort shouldn’t be made when it comes to improving your SEO.

He stated that the better the information you provide Google to index, the greater your chance to  improve your ranking and visibility. The informal presentation lasted around 3 hours and John answered numerous questions relating to SEO best practices  for webmasters.

All attendees were excited to have the opportunity to meet John, “We were thrilled when we saw John’s invitation and couldn’t believe our luck! It was a great learning experience and we would be honoured to have the opportunity to host John at the Betsson Experience Centre next time around “ commented our content outreach executive after the meeting.