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The Betsson Academy – Internships and Opportunities

In association with the University of Malta and with the support of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), The Betsson Group is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to just five students a year to join the Betsson Academy.

The opportunities offered consist of internships for University students following a Bachelor of Sciences course, especially those majoring in mathematics.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 18.15.34 'We see the internship as a long, long interview process’. Quote by Ulrik Bengtsson for the Times of Malta

We met with Chief Data Officer Steven Pimblett who confirmed that five third year undergraduate students from the Bachelor of Sciences course are starting an internship programme with the Betsson Group between July and September 2015.

They are involved in various stimulating projects and paid by the hour. The programme is of special interest to students because they get the opportunity to be mentored and be inspired as well as assisted with their dissertations for the full duration of the programme.

Three students in their final (4th) year will also be offered permanent employment with the company every August,
these will likely be shortlisted from the original five. The intention is to keep this programme going on a yearly basis with a new intake of recruits every year.

In terms of Betsson’s alliance with The University of Malta, the relationship promises to be fruitful as the ‘undergraduate programme is very strong on statistics, computing and data sciences.’ The Betsson Group is keen to give these students the opportunity to prove what they’re worth whilst getting to grips with a corporate work experience; an opportunity that will certainly be of mutual benefit to the parties involved.

The Betsson Group is not only on the lookout for students who are familiar with the computing and data world, but also for developers and programmers as ‘although the BSc is a good course to follow, there is scope for more specialists and many coders are required every year’.

Interestingly, many of these students fail to realise their true potential and as a result, they are completely unaware that they possess the exact skills required for the industry of i-gaming.

The Betsson Academy strives to make a difference and help students achieve their full potential, whilst simultaneously benefitting the gaming industry as a whole.

The next intake will open in early 2016 and Steven is confident the Academy will get a lot of interesting applicants.