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Europe-Bet acquisition getting a lot of interest.

This month marked Ulrik Bengtsson first visit to Georgia since the acquisition of Georgian leading gaming operator Europe-Bet. Mr. Bengtsson has held meetings with representatives of the Georgian government as well as local journalists.

The news has made it to all the major news portals in Georgia and has garnered a lot of interest in recent days and a lot of questions have been raised about the short-term and long-term future plans for Europe-Bet within the Betsson Group.

Europe-Bet is Georgia’s second-biggest gaming operator, with a market share of 30%. “We intend to keep the business in Georgia” … “and the 750 people who are employed by Europe-Bet.” says Ulrik Bengtsson. No major changes to the Europe-Bet’s current management team are envisaged either.

“Betsson has had a tremendous growth journey for a long time,” says Ulrik Bengtsson, “and part of our strategy for the last 3-4 years has been acquisition and buying companies. In the last three years we have bought 4 companies, and this is a continuation of that strategy … [Europe-Bet] is in a region which we know, as we have some of our brands and partner brands in surrounding countries.”

This is not new territory for the Betsson Group but perhaps it is the first time the Group has seen so much interest from the media here. Check-out some of the most popular portals that covered the story for more details and the full press release at the links below.

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